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I studied art, both from a perspective of practical design and from the perspective of art as an influence to the human spirit. My studies in art were at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and at George Washington University in Washington, DC. My passion for art and things of beauty brought me into the world of jewelry design. The wedding is a perfect venue for the display of beauty, and the bride has become the perfect "canvas" for my talents. Each of my handcrafted pieces has been described as a "work of art". Mary Clary Designs has been featured in "Bride's" magazine, "Modern Bride", "Greenwich Magazine", and "Fairfield County" magazine on numerous occasions. You can still have gorgeous, couture quality headpieces and jewelry for a fraction of what they would cost in a bridal salon or even on the web. visit: http://www.maryclarydesign.etsy.com

Saturday, June 25, 2011

LGBT? Getting Married? Don't Forget Your Headpiece

Congratulations for finally having the legal ability to unite two souls in love.  Some of the most beautiful weddings going on right now are those of LGBT couples.  I have noticed,  however, that the one area that has not been showing up as much in LGBT weddings, as I think it should, is the headpiece.  Brides and grooms alike can pull out the stops and wear an adornment that signifies the wedding more than any other accessory.  It does not have to be a full tiara, although it certainly could be.  A beautiful accessory in the hair or on the head, will pull together this most special day of your life, and show everyone that you are the shining stars of your wedding day.  My recommendation is to consult with a headpiece designer who can create for you the most perfect headpiece that will signify your personal taste and how you want to reflect yourselves.  At Mary Clary Designs, custom made headpieces are my specialty.  I will be more than happy to chat with you about what look you would like to accomplish.  Attention to style, beauty, and detail are my highest priorities.  I also  have a wide range of price points for every budget.



Anonymous said...

What do you think 2 brides wearing matching headpieces/

mary said...

I think 2 brides with matching headpieces would be very pretty. If 2 brides wish to purchase the same headpiece, I offer a 20% discount on one of the headpieces.