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I studied art, both from a perspective of practical design and from the perspective of art as an influence to the human spirit. My studies in art were at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and at George Washington University in Washington, DC. My passion for art and things of beauty brought me into the world of jewelry design. The wedding is a perfect venue for the display of beauty, and the bride has become the perfect "canvas" for my talents. Each of my handcrafted pieces has been described as a "work of art". Mary Clary Designs has been featured in "Bride's" magazine, "Modern Bride", "Greenwich Magazine", and "Fairfield County" magazine on numerous occasions. You can still have gorgeous, couture quality headpieces and jewelry for a fraction of what they would cost in a bridal salon or even on the web. visit: http://www.maryclarydesign.etsy.com

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finding the Right Headpiece for Fine Hair

Mary Clary Bridal Designs

If your hair is very thin and/or fine, and a comb or hairpin would just slide out, there are ways to get around this. Instead of a hairpin or comb, a beautiful vintage or modern sparkly design on a bobby pin or tiny clip will work better for you. The secret is to make the design very light and airy. If you have your heart set on a comb, be sure that the comb has very fine teeth that can be anchored with additional bobby pins. If you have always wanted to wear a tiara on your wedding day, I recommend a tight fitting headband instead.  It can have the same feeling as a tiara, but will hold better if your hair is very fine. I love to work with you to create exactly what you need and want. Check out my designs at www.maryclarydesign.etsy.com. All of our designs can be altered to work in any type of hair.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beach Wedding Headpieces

Mary Clary Bridal Designs

The destination wedding, in particular, the beach wedding, has become a popular venue. Many brides are wearing headpieces to reflect the setting of their wedding. In so doing, they often end up looking like they put the whole beach on their head.

It is not necessary to overly dramatize the fact that your are being married at the beach. It will be apparent. As a bride, you will want to exhibit your exquisite taste and beauty. You will probably not be wearing beach attire, so why wear a beach headpiece? You will want to choose your headpiece with the same thought that you would put into purchasing an important piece of jewelry for the most important event of your life. You don't want to look as though you are wearing a costume in any way.

However, if your fantasy is to be a "mermaid princess" on your wedding, you can still accomplish this by subtly including tiny seashells, freshwater coin pearls, and perhaps a touch of aquamarines into the design of your headpiece. At Mary Clary Designs we will work with you to create the "Beach Wedding" headpiece of your dreams whether that includes elements of the beach or not.

The Bridal Headpiece - When to Purchase

Mary Clary Bridal Designs

Opinions vary as to the best time for the headpiece purchase. Some bridal manuals suggest that the headpiece should be purchased at the time of the gown purchase. Of course, the bridal salons will encourage you to do your "one stop" purchasing at their salon. This is not necessarily the best idea. The bridal salon may have spectacular gowns, but not all have equally beautiful headpieces. They all, however, will definitely overcharge you in a huge way, for your headpiece. My recommendation, is to first purchase your gown. Secondly, have your hair consultation. Once you know the style of your gown and hair, you can decide on the style of your headpiece.
You should ask your consultants at the bridal salon and at the hair salon, what style they would recommend for your gown, hairstyle, and hair type. Once you have the basic information, use your good taste to find your perfect headpiece.
You can find your perfect beautiful headpiece at www.maryclarydesign.etsy.com where quality and affordability cannot be matched. At Mary Clary Bridal Designs, any design can be altered to fit your needs and desires. We offer 100% guarantee

I Love Vintage! What is it?

Mary Clary Bridal Designs - Headpieces

Vintage is currenty very trendy for brides. Many brides are choosing gowns and headpieces that are either truly vintage or have a vintage quality (vintagesque). There is a huge quality differential in the category "vintage." Vintage simply means something that is at least 20 years old. So, if the vintage headpiece was poor quality and in bad taste 20 years ago, it probably still is, but it is now old on top of it.

Therefore, you have to use your discerning eye, and really look at the headpiece for it's intrinsic qualities. Do you love it because it is beautiful and well made, or do you just love the fact that it has a quality from a different era?

You really don't have to be hung up on whether the headpiece you have chosen is authentically vintage. If it has the look that goes with the rest of your ensemble and is excellent quality, then being authentically old shouldn't really matter.