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I studied art, both from a perspective of practical design and from the perspective of art as an influence to the human spirit. My studies in art were at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and at George Washington University in Washington, DC. My passion for art and things of beauty brought me into the world of jewelry design. The wedding is a perfect venue for the display of beauty, and the bride has become the perfect "canvas" for my talents. Each of my handcrafted pieces has been described as a "work of art". Mary Clary Designs has been featured in "Bride's" magazine, "Modern Bride", "Greenwich Magazine", and "Fairfield County" magazine on numerous occasions. You can still have gorgeous, couture quality headpieces and jewelry for a fraction of what they would cost in a bridal salon or even on the web. visit: http://www.maryclarydesign.etsy.com

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Planning Fall Weddings

Planning Fall Weddings

Should You Wear a Headpiece with Short Hair?

Mary Clary Bridal Designs
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Short hair is usually a fashion statement.  It is a personal style that shows individuality and is often stunning, bringing attention to a beautiful face.  If your hair is so short that a comb or clip would not adhere, there are headbands and ribbon styles that would be charming.  It is my feeling that very short hair needs a headpiece to balance the bridal look.   Just the most subtle sparkle is sufficient, but necessary to achieve head to toe harmony. 
     Some brides with short hair opt for big statement earrings such as chandelier earrings to accomplish the head to toe bridal look.  I believe that this is a mistake.  Long earrings with short hair is definitely out of proportion.  The top of the head becomes even more pronounced as "empty."  A small headpiece with sparkly, but not long earrings, would create the balanced, beautiful bridal look.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flowers in Her Hair?

Mary Clary Bridal Designs

Some brides choose real flowers for their headpiece.  This can be configured as a headband or halo or clip. 
The floral headpiece has the inherent problem of wilting before the wedding is over.  It also has the implication of making the bride look like either a flower girl or flower child. 
It is my feeling that there is already an abundance of flowers in the wedding venue; a floral headpiece is one flower too many.
Floral motifs created out of pearls and/or crystals, are more elegant and will draw attention to the bride's hair and face.  Choose real pearls, real crystals, real silver...not real flowers.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Your Headpiece - Classic or Trendy?

Mary Clary Bridal Designs

Should you make a "fashion statement" on your wedding day, or should you make a statement about your exquisite taste? The main thing is to represent yourself in your most beautiful state which will transcend time. If your essence is a "fashionista," and you must keep that image on your wedding day, then by all means go for it. However, if you choose a headpiece that is trendy and fashionable, you must be careful that it is truly a work of art and will enhance, not detract. The bridal ensemble should flow as an entire look from head to toe. If there is one element that is too fussy or ridiculous, it will be a mistake. The headpiece is very important as an accessory, not the focal point. The bride should be the focal point. Some brides make the mistake of translating fashion fads into their wedding. The wedding fashion statement should be your exquisite taste. A huge feather glued to a clip might seem grand. If not artfully and tastefully constructed and designed, it will look outrageous. A 1920's flapper girl is not what you want to look like on your wedding day, is it? A gigantic fake flower that looks like it came straight out of Michael's Craft store does not a bridal look make. On the other hand, you can be creative and new, and still maintain classic style. If properly designed and created, a feather headpiece can be stunning, a graceful silk flower can adorn the hair, and a vintage lace headpiece with a 20's flair can be exquisite. Just be extremely careful when choosing your headpiece. If you opt for cutting edge, make sure you are purchasing the best quality, style, and beauty, and that you are not just purchasing the latest fad.